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thank you...thank you...thank you...thank you...thank


Alfred B.Grunwell, Fingerlakes Recording. Without you my great friend, I could NEVER have accomplished this. You have made my voice and heart soar! My heart is full.



Howard Jones (Hodj). Always supporting me from the heart...always pulling everyone together and for the right dear, dear friend, great drummer, great musician!



Don Karr...WOW...what a talented amazes me how you always understand what I want and what I mean musically, even with just miscellaneous and often times bizarre sounds. Fabulously talented pianist, key board player, vocalist and arranger!



Paul Kempkes...guitarist extraordinaire!



Paul that bass!



Rob Levine...fabulous piano!



Tom Donnelly...for FINALLY laying down some guitar and bass tracks, love the "mournful tapestry" on "Won't Forgive."



Katrina(Katie)Gallant-Russo,You & Me Photography (catch her work on FB and on Such an amazing talent and wonderful person!



Alessandra and Anthony De 2 amazing kids who have been subjected to their mom breaking out in song on any given occasion, often embarassing them. Love you!



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